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Calico Rock, Arkansas
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Entergy 800-368-3749 is the provider of electrical power to Calico Rock and Pineville and the surrounding unincorporated areas are supplied by North Arkansas Electric Cooperative 870-895-3221. Single and three-phase primary distribution is at 13.8 and 161 Kilovolts. The electric utilities personnel are eager to discuss the needs of prospective industries. 

Calico Rock City Hall


Service is provided by Amerigas 800-427-4968, Reeves Propane 800-432-5172, Synergy Gas 870-269-3450 and others. Natural gas service in the area by is provided by SourceGas Arkansas, Inc., 800-563-0012.  


Local service is provided by CenturyLink of Arkansas Inc. 800-201-4099 (residential) or 800-201-4102 (commercial). 

Water and Sewer

The Calico Rock water system consists of 75,000 and 225,000 gallon ground tanks and a 50,000 gallon elevated tank. Up to 587,000 gallons of chlorinated well water can be pumped each day. Copies of the water rates are available from City Hall 870-297-3772.

Since 1993, waste water treatment has included a vacuum sewer system. The modern system satisfies all current EPA requirements.

Solid Waste Disposal

Pickup is by contractor and refuse is hauled to an EPA approved landfill. More information is available at the Calico Rock City Hall 870-297-3772.

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